Certification Overview

Our team is working to develop and deploy an Age-Friendly Home Design Certification in order to advance the housing industry, support seniors living at home longer, and enhance the health and vitality of our communities.

We need a consistent, industry and consumer informed standard for age-friendly home design. 

A design certification program will reward age-friendly design by giving it a seal of approval that can be used by builders to market homes and by consumers and realtors to find appropriate homes. 


Certification Concept

The following is a conceptual model of the focal areas of the certification program. The detailed program requirements are in development and will be informed by industry and consumer stakeholders.  


What is Age-Friendly Home Design?

Research has shown that people live healthier lives if they have the abilitity to remain in their homes. However, homes most are not designed to support aging in place.

Developing an age friendly certification program that will allow the aging population to safely and comfortably live in their existing homes may play positive roles in the housing market, overall health and welfare of the elder population, and it is an opportunity to continue bringing awareness to the greater population.

Design features of age-friendly housing include:

  • Step-Free Entry
  • One-Story
  • Open floor plans
  • Grab bars
  • Wide Doorways
  • Easy-Access Cabinetry
  • Design Elements compliant with ADA